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Artist <> Author <> Social Entreprenuer <> Nomad

Pollination Station Art Bus

The Black Tiny Home Festival Welcomes Malcolm as our Special Guest. Malcolm will be sharing his tiny home Pollination Station Art Bus as part of tiny home tours, Selling his artistic creations as part of our Black-Owned Vendor Market, Performing as a Live Airbrush Muralist, and Teaching a Workshop.

Malcolm “Airbrush Assassin” McCrae is a full-time artist, author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker who embraces creativity and art as a lifestyle. He has been an artist for over 20 years and is a leading educational authority in this topic, delivering lectures and training classes, producing instructional programs and publishing books. As a self-taught artist, Malcolm travels around the world inspiring people through art. Malcolm’s artwork has been exhibited at galleries, festivals, and fundraisers. He has toured with the African American Contemporary Art Exhibits. He describes his work as “Urban Fusion”; the fusion of life experiences, passion and creativity. In 2013, McCrae published his memoir “To Live, To Create, To Inspire; How Art Saved My Life” taking readers on a journey with his inspiring and empowering story.

Pollination Station Art Bus is a mobile, interactive experience that builds an environment of learning, creating and inspiration. This platform will provide tools and techniques for self expression through art and creativity. The vision behind this project is to develop public art opportunities that uplift the spirits of a community, while providing an outlet to discover and promote positivity and unity. By creating partnerships with community organizations, city planners, non profits, schools and youth based initiatives, Pollination Station takes a relevant approach of incorporating the STEM/STEAM process.

Learn more about Malcolm's Work at MalcolmMcCrae.com

Featured Tiny Homes

Owner: Ashley Harris

 Perry - 21 Foot Class C RV

Owner: Tumeka Slaton

35 Foot Bus Conversion

Owner: Lili Stith

Hope - 10 Foot Van Conversion

Owner: Queen Tasha

The Purple Palace - 26 Foot Class C RV

Owner: Kadyra Reddick

21 Foot Bus Conversion

His Standup Comedy routine tells a story. Growing up in Hartford, CT, moving to Charlotte and everything in-between. His self-deprecating comedy style is something that everyone can enjoy.
Truly BurstonWithComedy.
Tyrone’s inspiration came about six years ago, before he’d started doing comedy. At that time, his brother-in law and his best friend had passed away, just one week apart from each other. Their passings inspired Tyrone to live the rest of his life using his God-given talents. One of Tyrone’s talents is the ability to entertain, so he chose to pursue comedy. Tyrone hopped on stage for the first time five months after their deaths.
Expect to experience the feeling of watching greatness in the making. You’ll get the feeling of, “I can clearly see this guy having his own special on HBO/Netflix one day!” Overall, you’ll enjoy it, and of course, have a couple good laughs as well.
Tyrone Burston: Started doing standup in 2013. Was named “Queen City Comedian of the Year” in 2015 & 2021. Has opened up for Bruce Bruce, Arsenio Hall and currently on tour with Adele Givens, just to name a few.

Upcoming Shows: September 4th-Charlotte NC, September 10th-Charlotte NC, September 23rd-24th Denver CO, September 30th - Oct 2nd - Huntsville AL, Oct 7th-Greenville SC, October 8th-Charlotte NC

Contact Tyrone: BurstonWithComedy@gmail.com

Perform at Our Event

We are looking for Black & Brown Entertainers of All Genres

Use our Stage to Promote Your Talent!!

  • Singers

  • Rappers

  • Bands

  • Dancers

  • African or Caribbean Drummers

  • Musicians

  • Acrobatics

  • Poets

  • Martial Art

  • Etc.

man in gray shirt singing
man in gray shirt singing
Disclaimer: All entertainers will be required to perform a 15 min, 30 min or 1-hour set on the day assigned to them and provided their own additional equipment. (Mic, Mic stand, and speaker system will be provided) You will be required to arrive 2 hours before you set for setup. Soundcheck/ dress rehearsal will be on Feb 17th from 11 am -2 pm for all entertainers that require that.

Lead a Workshop

Educate the community by sharing your skills & expertise with other nomads, off-griders, and enthusiasts in the following areas:

  • Making money on the road

  • Finding Free Parking on the road

  • Staying Safe on the road

  • Self-Care on the road

  • Camping Etiquette

  • Establishing a Homebase (Buying land, setup cost, and labor)

  • Living Tiny Pros & Cons

  • How to make money living off-grid

  • Primitive Skills

  • Self Defense

  • Prepping

  • Planning a custom build

  • Installing Solar or Electric in your Tiny Home (Live Demo)

woman writing on dry erase board
woman writing on dry erase board