Meet the Planning Team

Event Director: Queen Tasha

Queen Tasha is the Owner of Star Quality Organizing an event planning company and Black Travel Tribe a travel membership club. These two companies collaborate to provide valuable resources and experiences for Black & Brown nomads. Queen Tasha has been a Full-Time Solo RV nomad for 4 years. She has traveled around the country in her self-renovated class C RV named The Purple Palace documenting her journey on her YouTube channel Queen Tasha TV. Although she has no official home base, she calls Florida Home, mainly as a "snowbird" in the winter, But she is originally from MD. What lead her to RV life was the "Tiny Home on Wheels" movement on TV that showed her how to live an alternative lifestyle free from social norms and experience life more fully. Her short-term nomad goal is to lead a Grand Caravan of Black and Brown nomads with the Black Travel Tribe, down the "Pan American Highway" to the tip of Argentina and her long-term nomad goal is to eventually join the Boat Life Community and travel the world by sailboat.

On her journey of seeking other nomad friends, she noticed the lack of representation for the Black and Brown nomads at many events and outdoorsy groups, and her event planning background lead her to be a part of the planning team for the Black Nomads Meetup & Juneteenth Nomad Celebration. The Black Tiny Home Festival is a Passion Project to celebrate the community and bring awareness to the Tiny Home Movement that Black and Brown people are here too!

Queen Tasha is responsible for planning the details of the event, managing the planning team, building & manage the website, fund rasing, budget management and designing the graphics for the marketing, as well as being the Main Host of the event.

Entertainment Manager: Kadyra

Kadyra is an Orlando native and no stranger to living on the road as she spent 6 years as a CDL OTR driver. But realized how unsafe it was to travel alone in the country as a female in a vehicle. So she went back to Nursing in 2016 but wanted to find a way to combine her love of travel and nursing. Currently, she is building out a short bus into a "Skoolie" and got licensed to be a traveling nurse in 34 states. She plans to be a full-time urban nomad with a homebase in the Orlando area and live out of her bus to take care of patients where ever they need her. She recently also developed a parking app to provide safety for women while traveling in the city. Her long-term travel goal is to take her bus overseas and travel to Latin America to continue practicing becoming fluent in Spanish. You can find out more about Kadyra's on her new website Kadyra wanted to be a part of this event because she wants to jump head first into this community and meet as many people as possible.
Kadyra is responsible for managing all aspects of entertainment for the event including live performers, workshop leaders, and co-hosting. She also is our First Sponsor for the event helping to contribute to the setup cost of planning for this event

Guest Service Manager: Dez Rae

Dez Rae is originally from Hoocak in Wisconsin, But currently calls Colorado home. Ten years ago they had a miracle survival, which changed everything for them. They started to focus on one thing: being their happiest, healthiest selves. This led them to commit to a plant-based lifestyle and eventually sell all their belongings to start a nomadic journey. They began in a pop-up camper, then a Class C RV, and now They're in a Class A RV with their young child and cat. They have been to 28 states together so far and have plans to travel the world together. Their long-term nomad goals are to eventually buy land to create a homestead/homebase, but will always travel, even by sailboat eventually. They wanted to be a part of this project to celebrate and bring together melanated nomads and to help create a space where our voices shine and our culture is celebrated inclusively.

Dez Rae will serve as our Guest Service Manager handling all tasks related to selling tickets for the event as well as handling customer service inquiries. They will also be helping onsite with guests' needs.

Food Service Manager: Jewel

Jewel is originally from Baltimore, MD. She is a young soul but with old wisdom goals to provide more stability and a sustainable lifestyle for herself and her family. She has been an urban homesteader for 2 years while She and her husband learn the skills to prepare to be off-grid homesteaders on the acre of land they purchased in Northeast Arizona. She wanted to be a part of this project to have the opportunity to work with some creative minds and participate in an event important to our community.

Jewel is a trained chef which makes her the perfect addition to the team as our food service manager. She will be handling all aspects of our food service for our Glamping guests and concession booth. She plans to locally source as much produce and meat from local farmers and provide a wonderful culinary experience at our Nomad Formal Gala Dinner.

Sponsor & Donor Manager: Leigh

Leigh is a California native originally from Los Angeles and now resides in Long Beach where she has a homebase. She lives van life as a "Weekend Warrior" in her 19 ft Class B RV and looks forward to getting back on the road full-time.

Leigh began nomad life in 2017 upon returning from living abroad in South Africa. She discovered a love for travel and meeting new people, and her long-term nomad goal is to live small full-time between her RV, boat, and future Earthship.

Leigh is the CEO & founder of our non-profit fiscal sponsor, the Ubuntu Institute of Learning, whose mission is empowering underrepresented communities with innovative tools, techniques, and skills to become sustainable and thrive. They will facilitate monetary donations for this event and donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Leigh is a passionate nonprofit and small business enthusiast for whom helping others sparks all kinds of joy! She will also be volunteering as our Sponsor & Donor Manager because she believes in this project and wants to meet more like-minded people. She will be responsible for recruiting and managing our fundraising campaign.

Want To Help The Planning Team?

We are still looking for:

Social Media Marketing Manager- responsible for all aspects of marketing on social media for this event including creating content and managing our social media pages and all other marketing avenues to promote ticket sales. This person will be in a volunteer position with a profit share percentage.

Vendor Manager - responsible for recruiting and managing the vendors for our "Black-Owned Vendor Market" for the event and managing our merchandise sales. This person will be in a volunteer position with a profit share percentage.

Volunteer's Captain - responsible for managing the volunteers helping with the event onsite at the fairground. This person will be in a volunteer position with a profit share percentage.

If you are interested in any of the positions please get in touch with us.