Black-Owned Vendor Market

Current Vendors

The most important aspect of McCrae’s message is to not only create, but to inspire. He has recently been a Missouri Arts Council Featured Artists and was awarded 2020 Change Maker Of The Year by B-Magazine. Malcolm was commissioned by AT&T to produce two large public murals that represented social justice doing the Black Lives Matter Movement of 2020. He focuses on working with youth but is also called on by entrepreneurs, educators, institutions, and corporations as a consultant. He believes art has the opportunity and power to change lives. Malcolm is the founder of Pollination Station, a registered 501c3 non profit that was created in 2019 to pollinate the world with art and positivity. The nonprofit uses a mobile art studio called Pollination Station Art Bus, a 40 foot converted coach bus. This bus was built and designed by Malcolm and is fully equipped with solar panels for living off the grid while touring the US creating art, sharing experiences and growing communities.

Business Owner: Malcolm McCrae

Business Owner: Dez Rae

Enlightened Exploration LLC is a traveling metaphysical pop-up shop with healing crystals, wire-wrapped jewelry, essential oil-infused natural remedies, smudges, and more!
Dez Rae is the main healer and practitioner. After remedying themself of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic knee pain, gallstones, and manic depression, they have dedicated to sharing in the healing journey of others. Dez is a professional energy practitioner, musician, and wellness consultant.
We are a conscious black owned community and campground located in Apache County, Arizona. The site features over 20 acres of nature in which we are building glamping structures, residential, food growing stations, and camping areas. We host events, construction workshops, yoga meditations, and more. Come build, chill, camp, and glamp with us!

Business Owner: Black Dream Camp

Waisted Girls is a mobile worldwide business that offers one of a kind handmade waistbeads, chokers, anklets, bracelets, and vintage accessories. We will also be offering our unique handmade custom clothing, our amazing selection of natural herbal remedies, and our all natural skincare products! Be sure to stop by!

Business Owner: Ashley Harris

Royal Armor Natural Products are handmade natural hygiene, home, and lifestyle products in mostly zero-waste packaging to be mindful of Mother Earth. This includes deodorant, hair gel, insect repellent, herbal tea blends, herbal pre-rolled joints, and more!
The leading product is the All Natural Deodorant, a powerful deodorant that has the strength to keep you dry, fresh, and protected all day. The all-natural formula is made up of 4 simple ingredients combined together as armor for your armpits!

Business Owner: Queen Tasha

Vendor Guidelines and Disclaimers
  • Spaces are approximately 10x10.
  • Vendors must provide their own table, chairs, and tent.
  • This event is rain or shine.
  • Booth fees are non-refundable if you choose not to attend.
  • If we must cancel the event for any reason, your booth fees are refundable.
  • You must sign a release and waiver of liability form before setting up your booth. Please arrive in time to do so.
  • Booths must be set up between 9 am and remain set up until 5 pm Sat & Sun and 4 pm on Mon.
  • If you plan to vend and camp you will need to purchase a camping ticket and pay the camping vendor fee. (Please be considerate of other guests if making sales after hours.)
  • If you plan to vend all 3 days but will not be camping with us, you must set up and break down your merchandise each day. (Your table, chairs, and tents can stay set up)
  • Please provide 25 sample items for our guest goodie bag by Jan 31st, 2023

How to Become a Vendor

  1. Fill out the application FIRST! (DO NOT PAY FIRST)

  2. If the application is Approved, you will receive a welcome email within 5 business days

  3. The welcome letter will have a link to bring you back to the website to pay your vendor fee in 7 days.

  4. You will receive a confirmation of your payment and that means you are booked.

  5. Arrive no later than 9 am on your first day to vend to check in and set up your both.

  6. Contact the vendor manager Lucretia for any additional questions.

Vendor Pricing